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Our counselling approach is very creative and is focused on the individual.

For some, talking and expressing themselves comes very easily, while for others this is a real challenge. That’s just one reason why counselling needs to be adaptable and designed for every individual.

At Rosebank, the child or young person sets the pace. They bring what they want to their sessions. There’s no expectations. We move at a rate that is comfortable for them, with no pressure to talk before they are ready.

Sometimes our clients start in a non-verbal way and gradually, as trust builds, they choose to speak out loud. And if they do, they can do this with the freedom of not worrying about the impact on others. They don’t have to worry about protecting our counsellors like they might about protecting their family.

We want children and young people to look forward to the sessions, as a safe, creative and playful space where they can let go and discover new possibilities for themselves. We see time and time again that this is the key to building trust, and breaking down the barriers created by the shame, grief and self-blame surrounding sexual abuse.

We focus on the strengths and resilience of children and young people. Finding a new understanding of themselves through a lens of hope and future. Some children feel so powerless when they meet us that they don’t know who they are or what they like and their experience tells them they can’t trust adults to look after them.

With our gentle creative flexible approach we watch as things change. We see growth in self confidence, friendships formed, connections with family strengthened and healed. Future opportunities open up because their bodies are getting sleep and good nutrition, they can engage with school, hold a job, play the sport they love and be the person they want to be. That is what we do at Rosebank.

What people don’t realise is that there’s often lots of laughter in the counselling room. Yes, it can be a sad atmosphere at times but it’s often a very happy place…
— Rosebank counsellor

Counselling with young people

We love working with young people as they learn more about who they are and the future they want. We watch them draw strength and build resilience so that whatever might come around the corner, they know they can cope.

At the beginning, young people are often very flat in mood. They can come across as quite depressed and unmotivated. They’re isolated in lots of respects, even from their peers.

In the time we work together, they’re able to put things that have happened to them in a better perspective. They learn to trust again and to see that the world can be a safe place as well.

They learn that yes, crappy things happen in life, terrible things happen in life…but good things can happen too. They come to understand that it’s how we deal with what has happened and move forward that matters. It’s the life we make for ourselves, that’s important.

Working with families and others

At Rosebank, we support and work, not just with the children but with their families, carers and the people who are important to them. (We do not work with members of the family who are accused of violence.) Sometimes we might work with the child’s school too. Or liaise and advocate on their behalf with medical, housing, youth services, or out of home care agencies. Counselling sessions are confidential. But communication with the family and network holding the child or young person ensures their voice is heard and they receive the support they need.

Rosebank’s creative therapy

All children respond to trauma differently. Some young people are almost immobilised, disconnected from themselves and their world when we first meet them. Rather than going through the excruciating and often non-productive process of trying to engage in traditional therapy, we try different things.

We enter the child’s world by finding the things they love and what they’re really interested in and we connect with them on that level.

We will bring out all sorts of activities and see what they are drawn to. The therapist waits to see what the child naturally gravitates towards and gently works from that. Maybe it’s sand play, craft activities, drawing or movement.

Creative therapy reaches out to the person with no demands or judgement. There are no expectations: no pressure, no stress. They can sing, they can draw, they can talk, they can be creative. The healing needs to be from the inside, and often there are no words to speak. But through play or creating with art or sand, the individual can create their whole world of healing. A safe space to process their experience and resolve their challenges.

Group work

Group work reduces isolation and allows new connections and friendships to form. Rosebank takes a trauma informed lens to guide children and young people through a process of learning about themselves and their strengths. Just like the way we approach our counselling, group work is creative and gentle. Using craft, art, music and play to sooth, express and heal.

Currently Rosebank Co-facilitates two group programs Kidz Space and Creative Space at Bonnie Support Services. Rosebank would love to connect with other services to offer more groups into the future.

We had a young girl who just loved music from the 1970s, so we used that as the therapeutic mode. She brought in her favourite tracks and discussed her love of them and what was important to her. She could simply immerse herself and this led to trust and a lot of healing.
— Rosebank counsellor